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Cold Drawn Steel Bars

With over 40 years of experience, we have developed and specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality cold drawn steel bars in a comprehensive range of sizes, grades, and shapes in accordance to various international standards and customers’ requirements.

What is cold drawn steel bar?

In general, cold drawn steel bar is a steel product which has been plastically deformed by a drawing process at room temperature (hence the name “cold drawn”)to achieve high accuracy shape with bright and smooth finish.


Our Process

Our cold drawn steel bar is produced with either hot rolled steel bar or rod as feedstock material through a multi-step process that begins with shot-blasting to remove scale and rust that is inherent in hot rolled products, and would deteriorate the surfacefinish of the bar if allowed to remain. Next, the feedstock is cold drawn through a tungsten carbide die, where its cross section is reduced and formed into the desired shape. At the final stage, the bar is straightened and polished before covered with rust protective oil and then packed for storage and delivery. 


We can supply cold drawn steel bars in various sizes, grades, and shapes as shown in the table below. For other requirements and specifications, please send us your inquiry.

ShapeSize RangeSize Tolerance
Rounds5 – 152.40 mm (3/16 – 6 inch)h10 or higher
Hexagons7.93 – 63.50 mm (5/16 – 2 ½ inch)h11 or higher
Steel Grade
Regular SteelSS400
Free Cutting SteelSUM23
Carbon SteelS10C – S48C
Alloy SteelSCM, SCR, SUP


Some key benefits of our cold drawn bars include:

– Improved size and section tolerances – reduce machining losses

– Improved surface finish – reduces surface machining and improves quality

– Improved straightness – facilitates automatic bar feeding

– Increases mechanical properties – reduces the need for hardening


Our cold drawn steel bars are used in a wide array of industries and applications. Below are just a few examples :


Stabilizer bars


Vehicle axles

Hand tools

Wheel spindles

Precision machined parts


Roller conveyor axles

Hydraulic filttings


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